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Welcome to the web page revealing the history of Atanas  Karshakov

In this page I am going to reveal some facts about one of the oranizers of the Illinden uprising in Aegean Macedonia.This story is mainly from his nephew Liuben.But first I am going to tell you who I am.My name is Stefan Valentinov Karshakov. I am a relative of the the people written above, but that is a thing that is not so interestig for you.If you know something about someone with the name Karshakov,please contact me at my e-mail:karshakov@yahoo.com

I am going to publish a part of the story in English ,because the original story is written in Bulgarian and I need time to translate it .
Now I am going to give you a brief description of his life.If you are maniacs about Macedonia read the whole story after a minute.Atanas Karshakov is known mainly because he was  shot by turks and he committed a suicide.After that his chetnici cut his head off and shot a photo for memory with the head.Click here to see the photo.

Facts about the life of Atanas Karshakov  from selo Kosinec ,Kostourska  kaaza(region , Turkish)south-west Macedonia  by his nephew Liuben Karshakov .

Translation from Bulgarian - Stefan Karshakov.

                100 years from the birth of Atanas Andreev Karshakov/Naso Karshak/(1983)

                             A story by his nephew Liuben Hristov Karshakov.
  Voivodata Atanas Andreev Karshakov /my uncle/ was born in 1883 in selo Kosinec ,Kostoursko .This year is his 100 anniversary /1983/.His birthday is not known from me He was born in large  a family which was formed by 10 people . His father Andrei  Ivanov Karshakov was wealthy,awakened  villager .His mother,Iordanka Andreeva Karshakova and 8brothers and sisters. Three brothers Hristo , Atanas ,Anastas  and five sisters Tsveta , Mita ,Vana ,Vasilka  and Elena .Later ,two of his sisters died -Tsveta and Mita .
  When he was little he showed himself  as very awakened ,but  also hot-tempered  .
He was always on the top of the games and  he was commander of the fights with the Greekand Turkish children.
When he completed his primary education in his home village, Kosinec ,his father sent him to  grad Kostur  to study there .He became friend with another young man like him-Dicho Andonov Popovski from selo Lobanitsa. After completing this stage ,he was sent to study in a high school in grad Bitolia ,where many Bulgarian young men were studying at that time. He met there Pando Kliashev  ,also very awakened young man ,with whom he became very close friends-pobratimi .
With that acquaintance began the  revolution activity of Atanas Karshakov .Instead of becoming a teacher  ,he joined the VMRO .Later he  go underground and under the leadership of Voivodata Marko Lerinski he was learned how to organise military operations -he became a Komita .
  My grandfather Dicho/the father of Atanas/  look for him in  the high Scool of Bitolia. He didnít find him even in Bitolia .At last he supposed that  that Naso  was abroad almost surely in Independent Bulgaria ,where many Bulgarian(Macedonian) young men went for sometime. At that time Naso was in the Mountains ,where he gathered his Cheta .After 8 months he emerged into his home village , not as a teacher ,but as a Voivoda of cheta for punishment .With its brave actions the cheta became popular
in the whole area .The cheta take actions for elimination of  betrayers like Greekomans (Gríkomani), in selo Jeliazkovo .It punished Captain Pavle , near selo Oranik ,Prespansko .They executed also the shpionin-gríkoman pop Stavre from selo Pisaderi ,who was first secretary of the Kostourís  Greek vladika .
My uncle also took action in driving away  and  execution of andartski/Greek/ cheti  from selo Gabresh and selo Statitsa .They executed there the well-known for his inhuman actions Captain Melas  with his gang. The cheta took part in the battle in selo Smardesh ,where they fought against overwhelming Turkish asker  and bashibouzuk ,because all the revolution committee were there-the chairman Sarafov, Vasil Chakalarov ,Pando Kliashev ,Hristo Silianov and others .The whole village was surrounded by turks.TO BE CONTINUED.... Look for the other part of the story which I think will be completed thenext month.
Because I am very busy and especially lazy boy I won't work on this page for few months. As an excuse I have uploaded the picture of my great-grandfather's cheta-Vasil Karshakov with a nickname Sareto(Not sure)or Kalata ..Click here to see the photo.

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